Venture into New Products with Confidence with Inventurist AI


Our enterprise customers use Inventurist AI to gain insights about their target markets, enabling them to make informed decisions about developing new technologies, innovating new products, discovering new customers, or tracking their competitors.

Inventurist customers enterprises
Inventurist financial institutions

Financial Institutions

Private equity firms and investment professionals use Inventurist AI to analyze a company’s product-market advantages and validate investment decisions.


Agencies and consulting firms use Inventurist AI to automate their manual product-market analysis and serve their customers more quickly  with higher quality results.

Inventurist agencies
Inventurist startups


Technology startups use Inventurist AI to shorten their path to product-market fit and finding growing markets.

AI technology development


Discover emerging applications of new technologies relevant to the company

Research technology vendors for buy vs. build decisions

AI product innovation

Product Innovation

Validate a product’s value propositions with respect to target customers’ needs

Research competitors’ products

Analyze existing customers’ complaints and requests

Research the right pricing model

AI marketing


Find messaging that resonates with the target market

AI sales


Target new customers based on evidence that they need the product

Rank customers’ needs against a product’s value proposition

Research the business of target customers

AI business development

Business Development

Discover and analyze adjacent markets

Research emerging new markets that might overlap with the company’s business

AI corporate strategy

Corporate Strategy, M&A

Discover startups and new or emerging business models

Research companies with complementary offerings for M&A (buy-side or sell-side)

Generate a market map for a particular ecosystem

Research potential synergy with target partners

AI ventures and investment

Ventures & investment

Deep analysis and due diligence

Generate a market map for a particular ecosystem



“Inventurist was used as a strategic support platform to help doing data driven business decision e.g. what customer segment to focus on”


CTO, Qlair (Mann+Hummel)


“The Inventurist platform helps product managers refine and fine tune their product strategy by providing supporting evidence on the product domain and competitors.”


Director, Product Management