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Inventurist Features

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Inventurist Platform sifts through internal and external data to automatically discover and propose areas of business opportunity for applying AI. It takes into account the company's existing AI assets, technology capabilities, target customers, and market trends.

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Inventurist Platform automatically analyzes the strength and weaknesses of different designs for a new AI product. The analysis and validation covers an end-to-end spectrum from technical to business aspects. The result is maximizing the probability of product-market fit for AI innovations.

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Inventurist Platform breaks the complexity of AI technologies and innovations down into a structured and automated process. The result is the ability to automatically generate a wide range of innovation scenarios and product designs from quick wins to long-term plans.

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Inventurist Platform helps companies accelerate their entire process of building new AI products by automatically recommending the best technologies and partners. The result is saving time and money in building new AI products and gaining competitive edge in the market.

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inventurist methodical approach

Fast-Track Adoption of AI Innovations

AI is very similar to the Internet and right now it's where the Internet was in the mid 90s. The timing for understanding AI and applying it in your business is now!

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Inventurist AI Assets Canvas

Venture into Uncharted Territory of AI products - with Confidence!

Building new AI products for most companies is an uncharted territory.

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Applications of AI in Transportation

Applications of AI in Transportation

On March 15, 2017, we held a meetup in Palo Alto, CA, to discuss the applications of AI in various domains of transportation.

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